Outdoor Living Space

- Wednesday, July 01, 2015

“Wow, that’s a gorgeous fabric Vicky!” I exclaimed as I helped my friend distribute cushions for the built-in benches on her rooftop deck. We had just been out with our other halves to try a new restaurant venue in town and had come back to their loft for a nightcap under the stars. “Thanks,” she replied, “I brought back yards and yards of it from Kazakhstan when I traveled there on a rug buying trip years ago. I thought it was a fun pattern but I admit I did not know what I would use it for when I bought it, I just had to have it.”

Vicky, who deals in fine rugs, has an eye for the exotic. The loft she shares with her husband Denny in a converted bakery in downtown Savannah is filled with unusual treasures gathered from their many travels. And the rooftop deck that crowns their jewel of a home is no different. It is the perfect exterior extension of the interior space below, offering an outdoor entertainment space for family and friends not usually associated with a converted loft in an urban setting.

A ring of built-in benches surrounds a pair of marbled-topped bistro tables, providing places to eat, drink, or spread-out the New York Times on a Sunday lazy morning. A gas grill and small counter with a sink serve as a simple prep kitchen for Denny’s barbeque creations. Potted plants of all sizes and shapes provide punches of color and shade from the mid-day sun. In the evening the aforementioned cushions make the perfect spot to lie down and catch a cool breeze while gazing at the stars. It is an exotic oasis in the middle of a southern downtown.

Vicky and Denny’s rooftop retreat is fabulously chic and highly personal but the concept is not so uncommon these days. It seems that almost overnight outdoor living spaces have become all the rage. We have gone from the traditional ground-level patio or wood deck or small balcony as almost an afterthought to the point of creating state-of-the-art luxury living spaces right in the backyard.

Here in the Lowcountry, our wonderfully mild climate means there are plenty of days to use and enjoy outdoor spaces. And, I am happy to report, our local architects, builders, and homeowners have embraced this fact and are taking full advantage of it. Outdoor space is being incorporated into the design concept of our homes like never before. The inside has gone outside, literally.

Fireplaces, water features, full kitchens, and electronics are being incorporated outside with comfortable furniture and accessories to create al fresco rooms. Whether it is all about outdoor opulence, backyard entertainment, or simply a daily escape to reflect and enjoy tranquil moments away from it all, these spaces are becoming our favorite areas of the home.

Creating an outdoor living area that serves as a personal retreat or functional entertainment room will not only change your lifestyle but might just change your life. Outdoor living areas provide space to entertain, spend time with family and friends, and to simply enjoy ones natural surroundings.

Linda and Larry’s courtyard

Every imaginable indoor luxury is outside – comfy furniture, rugs, accessories, a full kitchen and bar, fireplace, spa and pool! A true oasis! Ultimate space to entertain family and friends or to just escape from the day-to-day.

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