Finishing Touches

- Friday, April 01, 2016

"They’ve set the date, so now I'm panicked!" my client texted me a few weeks ago regarding her daughter's upcoming wedding. "Don't worry, I'm sure the ceremony will be lovely," I replied. "I'm not nervous about the ceremony, we need to finish this house!" she exclaimed. I understood exactly what she meant.

My clients have been enjoying their newly built home in Colleton River for about a year. Since it is a part-time home for now we had not completely accessorized each and every nook and cranny.

The basics are there. We spent a year during construction developing the furniture arrangements and fine-tuning the fabric selections for each of the rooms. Hard finishes (tile, granite, cabinet stains, paint colors) were carefully coordinated with sofas, chairs, and other "soft" finishes including gorgeous area rugs under the furniture groupings. Natural textured draperies frame the windows and original art adorns many prominent walls throughout the home. In the sleeping quarters, luxurious linens dress the beds while subtly patterned wallpapers cover the adjoining bathroom walls.

This home needs some finishing touches. So now it’s time to add some layers, if you will. We need a little decorating. Bookshelves need to be fluffed, tabletops need to be accessorized, glass cabinets need to be filled. Most importantly, it needs some personal items so it looks like a home and not a sales model.

I am going to suggest adding some personal photos in frames grouped here and there. It is easy to over-do this, so I will err on the side of restraint. However, some carefully chosen family photos, arranged in well curated frames, will go a long way in adding a personal touch to a few consoles and tables.

Books are another way to add visual interest, whether placed on a bookshelf or atop a coffee table. In our modern world of Kindles and skimming headlines, books are becoming a rarity. That is a shame to me, I find a room with books to be both comforting and seductive. When using books to decorate it is perfectly find to choose them because of the color of their spines or the graphic quality of their covers. My coffee table at home is covered with books on architecture, photography, and travel.

Keeping in mind that not all of us have green thumbs, nothing adds to the decor of a room like a live plant placed in a really good-looking container. While I am not a fan of fake plants and arrangements, they do have their place. There are some rather convincing ones out there so be prepared to invest in a good quality one.

An interesting sculpture, a hand-blown glass vase, delicately fragranced candles, even an unusual set of drink coasters are all items that can jazz up a plain table top. You can always group a few items on large decorative tray for emphasis on a larger table. Remember, it is all about composition.

Do not shy away from adding that extra layer of detail that gives your home personality and uniqueness. You want your home to look like something out of a magazine, not a mail-order catalog.

I am not worried about getting the finishing touches done for my clients' home in time for the wedding ceremony in a few months. I am happy to help alleviate the stress and take that off her plate. But I am going to text her and see if she has found that perfect mother-of-the-bride dress yet. No anxiety there!

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